SPIN staffing Services


Our staffing company will place highly skilled staff for a variety of complex assignments that will provide the ultimate solutions within a wide range of organizations. We service small businesses through large-sized facilities.

Who we staff

– ALL Clinical Healthcare Members
– Corporate Trainers, Teacher & Support Staff
– Project Managers
– Instructional Designers
– IT Build and Configuration Analysts
IT Developers and Analyst
– eLearning/Web-Based Training Developers
– Help-Desk Support
– Administrative Support
– Finance and Accounting Support
– Industrial and Custodial Support 


We know exactly what our clients do and how they do it. No guessing at SPIN!  Our speciality industries have been identified, we determine your needs, our employees are top notch, we have a thorough screening process, we offer competitive rates/compensation and everyone feels valued and heard.  SPIN – Serving People’s Individual Needs is our mission.