Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies have proven their worth. With almost $90 billion in annual revenue, the staffing industry employs about 3 million workers daily. These companies play an important role in meeting the growing demand for skilled, qualified employees in the U.S.

Thinking about using a staffing service?

Here Are the Advantages of Using a Staffing Company.

Staffing agencies benefit businesses by saving them:

  • Time by reviewing hundreds of resumes, qualifying candidates, performing background checks, etc.
  • Money by completing the work the client would have had to pay an in-house employee to perform. They also execute it in less time and with better results.
  • From the hassles of handling contractor payroll taxes, workers comp, and unemployment benefits.
  • From competing tasks that in-house hiring managers face on a daily basis. Using a specialized staffing agency generates better candidates and placements for your team.

Other advantages of using a staffing agency:

  • Employers are able to adjust their workforce to evolving business demands. Companies depend on staffing services to provide them with talented workers who can meet a wide range of needs. Often, these workers become essential, permanent employees.
  • Staffing agencies have a broad network of candidates and connections. Staffing services have a pipeline of qualified candidates. And, they have a further reach into the community of passive candidates.

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Q & A Recap

Q: Couldn’t I have my HR representative handle our hiring?

A: You could, but there’s no guarantee you’ll save money, and you won’t likely save time. Some parts of your business are worth seeking outside expertise; a staffing firm that specializes in the type of position you are looking to fill is one of them.

Q: What happens when I no longer need the services of a temporary employee sourced through a staffing agency?

A: The advantage of using a staffing agency is that you have the ability to adjust your workforce as needed. Most staffing service arrangements are simple –  you can let them know you no longer need the temp employee’s services. But, many businesses find that some of their temp employees are valuable enough to hire on permanently.

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